maanantai 23. elokuuta 2010

First Aalto University Trophy 2010

The 1st Aalto Golf Trophy was organized on Monday, 23rd of August, 2010, at Master Golf's Forest golf course in Espoo. Forest is a picturesque woodland course. The weather was fine, with an exception of a short rain shower. The participants were from the three schools of Aalto University and included also some guests.

The winner of both main competitions was Keijo Hämäläinen who scored 42 bogey points with the result +6 (78).

The best six of the SCR competition:

1. Keijo Hämäläinen, 78
2. Esko Penttinen, 85
3. Timo Honkela, 86
4. Mika Helenius, 86
5. Timo Saarinen, 88
6. Kristian Rautiainen, 89

The best six of the BP competition:

1. Keijo Hämäläinen, 42
2. Mika Helenius, 39
3. Timo Honkela, 36
4. Oliver Manner, 35
5. Esko Penttinen, 31
6. Risto Rajala, 31

The event was organized by Mika Helenius (on the left) and Antti Ylä-Jääski (on the right). The competition was considered a success and it will be continued.

torstai 1. heinäkuuta 2010

First round of the match play finished

The first round of the Aalto Matchplay championships 2010 has been played with the results shown below.

Group A

1. Esko Penttinen
2. Risto Rajala

Group B

1. Timo Honkela
2. Mika Helenius

Group C

1. Jukka Kallio
2. Mika Pantzar

In group B, the match was very close so that three players, Timo Saarinen, Mika Helenius and Timo Honkela each had two wins and the result was determined by the sum of the winning marginals in each match.

Timo Saarinen and Mika Helenius ended up to a tie and Mika won the extra hole with a fine sand shot that landed one inch from the hole.

perjantai 23. huhtikuuta 2010

Aalto University Match Play Championships 2010

Aalto University Match Play Championships 2010 are about to start. The competition is reserved for Aalto University employees. The player with a higher handicap may choose the course (preferably his/her home club). Otherwise, the competition will be played scratch, without handicaps. There will be a deadline for each of the rounds. The two finalists will be invited to the HSE Open to play the final match there and participate to the Open. The HSE Open will be played in mid-August in Vierumäki (Cooke course).

Please, register at by Friday, 7th of May, 2010, or, in case of technical problems, by sending e-mail to

perjantai 19. maaliskuuta 2010

Aalto University golf blog created

We have created this blog for providing information on golf activities among Aalto University staff.